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Watch: Derek Carr to AB pass torches defender at Raiders practice

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Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

We haven’t seen a lot from Antonio Brown in Raiders practices since the team returned to Alameda from their Napa training camp. It seemed during minicamp that Brown videos would surface every day, and when Brown showed up for the third day of training camp he put on a show of torching every DB the Raiders had except Lamarcus Joyner.

Well, here’s another video from today, which should give you a little taste of what we will be seeing come the regular season.

Derek Carr and Brown have been throwing before the last few preseason games, and they requested that Jon Gruden insert them into the Packers game just to throw a long pass- a request Gruden swiftly denied. So they took their frustration out on #43 Makinton Dorleant here on a beautiful corner route.

Dorleant’s coverage isn’t bad at first, but when Brown changes direction, Dorleant can’t hang with him. Brown catches the ball at least two yards past Dorleant. Carr’s pass is immaculate, to the back shoulder where Dorleant has no shot of getting a hand on it but Brown can easily haul it in.

It looks like Brown’s feet are in good shape, judging by the crispness of his cut in the route, and he’s wearing a helmet. People have complained about Hard Knocks not making a big deal of the helmet stuff or Brown’s feet, but right now it appears neither one were a big deal after all, at least nothing that will be a lasting concern. Brown looks every bit as good as he was in his time with Pittsburgh, and he may even have a chip on his shoulder from all the haters and doubters and salty Steeler fans being nephews on Twitter. That’s got to be a scary thought for the rest of the league.