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Raiders have just over $17 million in cap space heading into cutdown weekend

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NFL: Oakland Raiders-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Players who are cut or waived by teams on the final roster cutdown aren’t always purely a matter of them not being worthy of the final 53. Sometimes it’s a matter of making too much. At least too much in relation to how the team values them. Or they just value another player just as much but that other player is cheaper.

What this means is not only will the Raiders be making moves that are based at least partially on that player’s salary, but other teams will too. And if the Raiders are to partake in either claiming one of those players off waivers or signing them after they’re cut, they will have to have the cap space to do it.

Currently, the Raiders have $17.3 million in cap space to work with according to an internal report which MMQB’s Albert Breer put out. That puts the Raiders at 17th in the league.

NFL Cap space at cutdown day

Rank Team Space
Rank Team Space
1 Colts $56.6M
2 Texans $37.0M
3 Browns $34.6M
4 Cowboys $26.1M
5 Titans $26.0M
6 49ers $25.5M
7 Bills $23.3M
8 Dolphins $22.1M
9 Bears $22.1M
10 Redskins $21.7M
11 Lions $21.5M
12 Chiefs $21.0M
13 Bengals $19.7M
14 Seahawks $19.5M
15 Eagles $18.6M
16 Jaguars $18.2M
17 Raiders $17.3M
18 Chargers $16.4M
19 Packers $15.2M
20 Jets $14.9M
21 Patriots $14.1M
22 Ravens $13.4M
23 Saints $7.5M
24 Panthers $5.9M
25 Rams $5.6M
26 Giants $5.5M
27 Steelers $4.9M
28 Vikings $4.7M
29 Cardinals $4.7M
30 Broncos $4.4M
31 Bucs $4.3M
32 Falcons $3.4M

We had done a cap tracker for the Raiders back in early March during the furious signing spree the Raiders had to begin the free agency period. At that time, we put their cap space, with rookie pool, at $20.64 million. Since then they have made quite a few moves, but the only one that counts against the top 51 was Corey Liuget with hit of $715K.