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Raiders preseason week four Ballers & Busters vs Seahawks: Part two

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With their final chance to impress, these guys did not.

Oakland Raiders v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images


Lester Cotton Sr

He had a couple key blocks on runs in this game, I’ll give him credit for that. But he has a lot of work to do if he’s going to make an NFL roster. The Alabama product went undrafted and fans were excited the team picked him up because, you know, Alabama. And he has shown flashes. Just like in this game. He also showed serious issues that perhaps explain how he fell out of the draft.

On the first play from scrimmage, his man got by him to cut off the running lane, leading to James Butler being tackled for a loss. The next play, he again missed his block, but this time Butler was able to break the tackle in the backfield and pick up 8 yards.

Through the first three quarters, Cotton was not the key blocker on any runs that went past two yards. On the contrary, he gave four run stuffs including three more tackles for losses. Late in the game, he was one of the key blocks on Brown’s 22-yard run and sealed off his man on Brown’s 3-yard touchdown. Signs there is some talent there if he can put it together.

Makinton Dorleant

On the Seahawks’ opening drive they set up at their own 45-yard-line. Two plays later, they were in the end zone. Both plays were Dorleant getting smoked. After giving up a 16-yard pass, he was left in the dust on a 39-yard touchdown bomb and the Seahawks jumped out to a 7-0 lead. By the way, this is the same guy who the Raiders tweeted out a video of Antonio Brown making look foolish on a play in practice. He may never recover.

David Sharpe, Brandon Parker, Tyler Roemer

These three along with Justin Murray played all the snaps at the tackle spots. Sharpe and Parker got the starts and played most of the game. None played particularly well to put it mildly.

From the left tackle spot, Sharpe gave up two tackles for loss on the opening drive alone. Early in the second quarter, Parker gave up a sack from the right tackle spot. In the third quarter, Sharpe again gave up a tackle for loss. Then it was Parker’s turn to give up a tackle for loss.

Roemer lands here for the final play of the game. The Raiders scored to pull to within two points. The Raiders went for two and Roemer was flagged for false start. That backed the Raiders up, and made it an obviously passing situation. At which point Roemer gave up the sack and the Raiders lost. Though had the Raiders made the play, they would have gone to overtime, so I guess we should be thanking him.

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