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Jon Gruden reacts to Derek Carr moving in next to him in Vegas: ‘Really?”

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NFL: Oakland Raiders-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This week Derek Carr’s brother David revealed that Derek was building a house right next door to his head coach Jon Gruden in Las Vegas. Derek is pretty stoked about the idea.

“We are next door neighbors,” said Derek Saturday. “We will be, yes, but that’s for the future. That’ll be fun. Hopefully a lot of knocks on the door. Maybe we can carpool. (laughter) That would be good for us. . . we might knock down the fence and just make it one. We’ll see.”

Today, we had the chance to ask Gruden what his reaction was to Carr becoming his new neighbor.

“Really?” Gruden said with a grin. “Great reaction. I love Derek. We can have meetings at night now, we can have barbecues together. It’s great. Great family and proud to be with him.”

If Derek Carr is the franchise quarterback he and Gruden hopes he is, they’ll be good neighbors. If not, well...