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2019 Hard Knocks featuring the Raiders premieres tonight: How to watch, live streaming

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The day many of you have been waiting for is here. The first episode of 2019 Hard Knocks which features the Raiders premieres tonight on HBO.

The first episode will air at 10pm ET/PT tonight on HBO and run through September 3; a total of five episodes.

This means if you’re on the West Coast and want to watch it on TV in HD you’re about to get frustrated because people on the East Coast will be watching and talking about the episode three hours before you get to see it. That means spoilers and waiting three hours to get up to speed.

However, an HBO official confirmed with me that the episode will be available streaming on HBO GO and HBO NOW at 7pm Pacific. So, if you’re dying to see it when East Coast folks see it, that’s how to do it.

It should be a fun first episode.