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Raiders vs. Rams scrimmage open thread

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NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Today after such a long offseason we'll finally get to see the Silver and Black in some action against another team. The defending NFC champion Los Angeles Rams will join the Raiders this morning for a scrimmage. This will give us all a good idea how the team's receivers stack up to a top secondary and how Oakland's receivers and line do against a talented defense.

While there's not necessarily a place to watch the whole thing live, our own Levi Damien is on the scene and will be Tweeting live throughout. Other beat writers and likely the Raiders themselves will post videos as the morning goes on. Feel free to discuss all of that in here.

Oakland will play the Rams in a preseason game on Saturday, so this dress rehearsal with the starters going will be a good litmus test of how the two teams match up.