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Silver & Black Pridecast Ep 23: Latest Antonio Brown diagnosis, Hard Knocks premiere reaction, Raiders scrimmage with Rams

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NFL: Oakland Raiders-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday, noted sports doctor Dr Chao chimed in once again to give his diagnosis on what’s going on with Antonio Brown’s feet. He had suggested the skin issue Brown was having had to do with excessive moisture, but with the latest reports of cryogenic frostbite, it seems to have added the final twist to this mystery.

First of all, he said the frostbite theory makes no sense. He’s right, it really doesn’t. Frostbite would have affected the smaller extremities the most — toes for instance — not the thicker skin on his feet. And it wouldn’t occur in the short time (three minutes) spent in the chamber. But the truth is somewhere in there.

Dr Chao’s diagnosis is essentially that Brown’s issue had to do with entering a cryogenic machine with damp feet, causing the skin on the bottom of his feet to freeze.

Ok, so that’s all fine and good, but what everyone really wants to know right now is TIMETABLE. The best he could give was that Brown will be ready well before the start of the season. What we don’t know if that means he will see any of training camp which has just six practices remaining.

I hop on the S&B Pridecast to talk about Brown as well as the Hard Knocks premiere and the Raiders performance in the first scrimmage with the Rams.