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Tickets aren’t selling for Raiders preseason game against Packers in Winnipeg

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CFL: 2018 CFL Western Conference Final-Winnipeg Blue Bombers at Calgary Stampeders Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

It seems the Raiders and Packers may have overestimated how eager people in Canada were to see their backups take the field for a meaningless football game. Mark Davis agreed to take another game away from Oakland in favor of playing a game in Winnipeg Canada and they’re having some serious trouble selling tickets.

As of Wednesday, fewer than 9,000 tickets had been sold for the game.

The Raiders like to claim they have the best traveling fans in the league and they have countless rabid fans the world over. The Packers probably think based on their geographic location, they have a solid fanbase in Canada as well.

Maybe Winnipeg is just the wrong city in Canada for this? Maybe fans up there have the common sense to not want to pay full game prices for a bad football game in which they may not even see the starters take the field? I suppose for that reason, Raiders season ticket holders should be happy the game was moved, so they don’t have it included in their package as if it’s like a regular season matchup.