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HBO launching weekly Hard Knocks podcast

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Eric Risberg/AP/Shutterstock

HBO’s Hard Knocks featuring the Oakland Raiders has been a huge success so far, with an acclaimed first episode garnering 879,000 views on television and streaming. That’s the best numbers for the show since the 2010 season which featured the New York Jets.

On the heels of the first episode, HBO has announced the launch of the Hard Knocks Podcast, which will be hosted by NFL Network’s Peter Schrager and be released every Friday for the next five weeks. The first episode dropped today, and featured former NFL cornerback Ronde Barber, who played for Jon Gruden in Tampa Bay.

You can listen to the HBO Sports Hard Knocks Podcast on:
Apple Podcasts
Google Play:

And you can also listen to this week’s episode of the Silver and Black Pridecast, wherein Levi Damien and myself discuss the first episode of Hard Knocks.