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Antonio Brown reportedly set to rejoin Raiders next week

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The Antonio Brown saga has been dragging on for a long time, and in recent days there was a report from some yahoo yinzer TV anchor that Brown had gone “radio silent” with the Raiders, who had no idea where he was or the status of his foot. That report was total baloney, and now the Las Vegas Journal-Review’s Michael Gehlken has some good news on the Brown front.

So hopefully we will see AB back at full speed in next week’s practices, and maybe that will shut some of these chuckleheads up who are going full doom-and-gloom about Brown’s Raider tenure. No one expects him to play in preseason, but it would sure be nice to have him practice and keep learning the playbook, in addition to sharpening his timing with Derek Carr and challenging the young Raiders corners.

Brown also got a special gift from a pretty famous company recently:

Well that was very nice of them. If I got a gift from Gucci every time I got hurt, that would be pretty cool. Anyway, it looks like business is about to pick up.