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OJ Simpson doesn’t buy that Antonio Brown will walk away from football over his helmet

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We are officially in Clown World now. The recent story about Antonio Brown’s helmet grievance is so big, The Juice himself has made his opinion known about it.

As usual, Simpson cut right to the heart of the matter, slicing and dicing any idea that Brown would leave all those millions on the table over something as simple and petty as a helmet. This is the most cogent argument made by Simpson since “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”

When OJ Simpson, who recently got out of prison after being convicted of stealing his own property, is the adult in the room, there is a serious problem. Here, Simpson really did it. Maybe it’s wrong to be on Simpson’s side, but I’m guilty as charged.

OJ does reside in Vegas, so maybe he’ll show up as a few Raider games from time to time. Some might say he would fit right in with the typical Raider crowd, who keep their wits sharp. Now please, Juice, put the golf club down.