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Jalen Ramsey says he’d like to play for the Raiders

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Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Taking a break from the Antonio Brown drama for the moment, recently Jaguars Pro Bowl corner Jalen Ramsey was on the “Bussin’ With The Boys’ podcast, which is based in Nashville and hosted by current Titans tackle Taylor Lewan and former Titans linebacker Will Compton.

The two hosts asked Ramsey what his ideal playing spot would be, and the talented corner replied, “It would probably either be here or Vegas.” With ‘here’ referring to Nashville, where Ramsey is from. “I like Vegas. It ain’t got no state income tax. Here don’t either,” said Ramsey.

Get used to hearing this. Even if players wouldn’t normally be interested in the Raiders as a destination, Las Vegas has certain financial advantages that high-priced players will find attractive.

It’s understandable that Ramsey would be interested in the Titans, who play in his home town, but him expressing actual interest in playing for the Raiders is a new wrinkle on this story. Our own Thomas Wheaton posed the question earlier this summer, should the Raiders trade for Jalen Ramsey? A majority of the readership said No, but Ramsey has gone on record saying he is going to ask for so much money on his next contract, they will have to put him on layaway. That would likely be a sobering thought for a team that has to give Yannick Ngakoue a new deal and is paying Nick Foles a bajillion dollars.

Ramsey is making $3.6M this year, which is one of the biggest bargains in the league. A new deal would push his number up to $13.7M. The Jags might have to bail on him before paying that number.

Whether such a cap hit is tenable for the Raiders is up to Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden, but Ramsey lining up alongside Gareon Conley and fellow Seminole alumni Lamarcus Joyner would solidify the Raiders as one of the most elite secondaries in the NFL. With quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Philip Rivers in the division, the Raiders simply can’t have enough good corners.