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Raiders vs Chiefs week two injury report: Gareon Conley back at practice after suffering scary neck injury in opener

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Denver Broncos v Oakland Raiders Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Head and neck injuries are taken very seriously in the NFL and for good reason. Regardless of the severity of them, if they think they could be a big deal, they send out the stretcher and the cart to wheel them off. The whole ordeal looks very scary. They remove the facemask, strap them down to the flat board, put them on the stretch and load them on the cart.

Such was the case for Gareon Conley Monday night, leaving the Raiders and the fans to hold their breath as to his prognosis.

After the game, Gruden said they got good results back from the MRI and Conley’s injury was not serious. He didn’t, however, know what Conley’s short term prognosis was. That being whether Conley would be a go against the Chiefs this week.

Wednesday brought more good news as Conley was on the practice field with his teammates.

He was limited, but that could just be precautionary. Gruden said Conley was able to do most everything with his teammates.

Downgrades was WR JJ Nelson who was limited last week by an ankle injury. He played in the game but saw just 8 snaps.

For the Chiefs, the only missing player was Tyreek Hill who suffered a shoulder injury in their season opener.