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Loss of Antonio Brown expected on-field production has Raider Nation confidence tumble to lowest in AFC West

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It may be great to have the cancer out of the locker room, but losing AB’s talent on the field has the fans feeling a let down.

Denver Broncos v Oakland Raiders Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Even through all the drama Antonio Brown caused with the Raiders this offseason, the team and the fans all had hope that he would straighten out in time for the season and the Raiders would take the field with one of the better starting wide receiver duos in the league. After all, AB’s antics off the field sure makes it easy to forget that he is an elite talent on the field. And if you predict how he will behave with a rational mind, it seems like OF COURSE he wouldn’t risk that of petty shit. But we’re not dealing with a rational mind here. So, it came to pass that two days before the Raiders season was to start, he was released and what was left was a receiving corps that isn’t so special from top to bottom.

Many fans had the same visions I did. Brown burning corners and making the Raiders offense a touchdown or two better per game than before. And when those visions disappear in thin air with hours until they take the field can be disheartening. So, it shouldn’t be too surprising to see the confidence in this week’s FanPulse survey tumble from 71% to 56%.

This put the Raiders fan confidence as the lowest in the AFC West. The closest was the Chargers at 58%, then the Broncos at 63%. The Chiefs fans are still riding high at 95%.

It’s important to note that this week’s FanPulse survey was sent out on Monday, prior to the team’s Monday Night opener against Denver. Undoubtedly some of these fans’ confidence would have recovered some seeing how well the offense functioned without AB in it. With Tyrell Williams putting up 105 yards and a touchdown and Derek Carr’s efficiency with just four incompletions on 26 pass attempts.

Fan confidence tends to ebb and flow based on wins and losses. Keep in mind the next poll will be following the Chiefs game, so the result of that game will factor into that. If they get blown out, well, they are who you thought they were. If the Raiders lose, but hang with the Chiefs, especially if it’s a shootout, that could actually increase the fan confidence. And if they win, well that “F—k AB” would turn from a message to the diva WR to a mantra.