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Tables have turned as now helmet company cuts ties with Antonio Brown

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After taking so long to choose his helmet, the helmet now has chosen not to have AB.

All while Antonio Brown should have been at Raiders camp with his now former teammates, he was busy battling with the NFL over his helmet. After two grievances were heard by the league, and both were shot down, he miraculously decided on a helmet and returned to practice.

The helmet he decided upon was called the Xenith Shadow and he and the company made quite a big deal of his helmet selection. he had a photo session with the silver helmet and everything. Even made it his twitter avatar.

And as it happens, the very next day, Brown began his most aggressive efforts to date to force his way out of Oakland and onto another team which also (probably not coincidentally) wore a silver helmet.

He joined the Patriots mere hours after being released by the Raiders, but since it was just a couple days before the season, he wouldn’t take the field with it just yet. Now the helmet company is saying ‘thanks but no thanks’

It’s hard to say which of Antonio Brown’s many negative headlines since the day he chose his helmet scared the company away from him. It would appear, at least based on the timing, that the final straw may have been the sexual harrassment lawsuit that was filed this week against Brown by a former trainer of his.

The league said today that they would not be placing him on the Commissioners Exempt list while the facts are gathered. But that doesn’t stop a private company from wanting to distance themselves and their name from a player whose name isn’t seen positively of late.

This is probably not over. It never is with AB. He will respond somehow. Could be refusing to practice or play again. But as Jon Gruden said this week when he got a random Antonio Brown question “call his employer.” Cuz that ain’t the Raiders. AB is the Patriots’ problem now.