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Raiders great Charles Woodson joining Fox Sports as NFL and college football analyst

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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You knew Charles Woodson wasn’t going to away from the camera too long. Dude was born for this. So, back in February when Charles Woodson and ESPN parted ways after three years on the network, the big question was ‘what’s next?’ You didn’t think he was just going to retire to his Napa Valley winery, did you? Some even wondered if he might be looking to get back into coaching. After all, the Raiders had a DB coach position open.

Whether it was coaching or riding off into the sunset, it just didn’t seem like that was in the cards for CWood. And it sure wasn’t

Friday the news broke that Charles Woodson would be joining Fox Sports. Woodson has confirmed he will be joining the network as an NFL and College Football analyst.

Woodson’s debut will take place next weekend as a college football analyst when he hosts joins the crew for their Big Noon Kickoff show.

In addition to his spot on that show, Woodson will also join the Fox NFL Sunday team alongside another Raiders great Howie Long, and Michael Strahan, Terry Bradshaw, and Jimmy Johnson.