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Oakland Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs 2nd half open thread

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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders came out swinging in this one with the quick 10-0 lead over the arch rival Kansas City Chiefs. In fact, the entire Oakland team dominated the first quarter altogether on offense and defense. They even snapped a 22 game streak the Chiefs had of scoring in the first quarter of games by shutting them out for the first 15 minutes.

That shut out lasted all of 5 seconds into the 2nd quarter though when the Chiefs scored their first points on a 44 yard touchdown to Demarcus Robinson. A bullshit roughing the passer penalty on Maxx Crosby didn’t help things either on that drive but it was a really well designed play from the Chiefs on the score.

It then got worse when the Chiefs got the ball back after Derek Carr just barely didn’t get a first down on a high effort scramble that came up just short. Instead of a spectacular 1st down the Raiders had to punt, and then the Chiefs went 95 yards in 14 plays to take the lead 14-10. To make matters worse, the touchdown came on a deep ball on 3rd and 20, it was about as demoralizing of a drive as it gets.

That is until the next time the Chiefs had the ball, when they followed up a 95 yard drive with a 94 yard touchdown drive. It’s just absurd what Patrick Mahomes can do, he already is making a case to be one of the most elite quarterbacks in NFL history in just his 2nd year starting.

You would have thought that would be all considering that last Chiefs touchdown happened with just 1:41 left in the half. You would be wrong, they added another touchdown after the Raiders managed to take up just 40 seconds of game clock on their horrible drive. The Chiefs scored immediately on a 39 yard pass to flip that 10-0 start into a 28-10 lead.

Mercifully, that marked the end of the first half of play after the Raiders ran out the rest of the clock. Oakland actually did almost get a field goal chance but just ran out of time in the half after not having a timeout available to stop the clock. It was a great effort after a horrible quarter but it came up just short.

Hopefully the break will do the Raiders good in allowing them to recuperate after the Chiefs took the Raiders best shot to the face in the first quarter only to obliterate them in the 2nd.

Good or bad, as always chat here with your fellow Raiders fans