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Raiders vs. Chiefs: 4 Winners, 4 Losers

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Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Raiders and Chiefs games are always wild ones, but this one was just strange. The roller coaster ride of starting out on fire and up 10-0 only to walk into a human buzzsaw performance from Patrick Mahomes was unbelievable. Then to top it off, neither team scored in the 2nd half for the first ever game between these two teams with a completely scoreless half of football.

Let’s take a look at some winners and losers of this extremely unique game between these two historic rivals.


1) Benson Mayowa

In just 2 games so far this season Benson Mayowa has 3.5 sacks and a forced fumble, that is Charlie Sheen level WINNING. In this game he had 1.5 of those sacks and the forced fumble that was another opportunity to turn this game around for the Raiders that the offense wasted. After starting his career in Oakland only to leave for Dallas and now be back in the Silver and Black, Mayowa is making a statement to the NFL with a pro bowl worthy start of the season.

2) Patrick Mahomes

Are you kidding me? The legacy of this guy just keeps growing and he is only in his 2nd year starting but the guy already is looking like a future hall of famer. It makes me sick to say that but it’s true. His 2nd quarter performance in this game was straight up absurd, it was literally one of the most dominating quarters any player has had in NFL history. He is the best quarterback in the league, ugh.

3) Josh Jacobs

One of the bright spots in this game was again the Raiders rookie of the year candidate who put together a 12 carry 99 yard performance with a spectacular 51 yard run. If it wasn’t for Derek Carr’s horrible interception in the end zone that play could have led to the Raiders regaining the game’s momentum. Without a doubt Jacobs comes away as a winner anyway, he looks like a bell cow running back that should star in the Raiders offense for years to come.

4) Derek Carr passing Ken Stabler to be Raiders all time passing yards leader

Despite his game performance actually landing him on the other side of this article, props must be given to a player becoming their franchise’s all-time leading passer. Ken Stabler will always be cherished as a Hall of Fame player and staple of the Raiders organization, for Derek Carr to pass him for a new Raiders passing yards record is a winner achievement for sure.


1) Raiders secondary in the 2nd quarter

The biggest losers in this game has to go to the Oakland Raiders secondary for being absolutely torched in that second quarter. It didn’t matter who Mahomes was throwing the ball to, the Raiders secondary couldn’t stop anything in that horrible quarter.

Credit does go to Mahomes for being incredible but come on, that was a let down of epic proportions to have been obliterated like that after starting the game with a 10-0 lead.

Chiefs receiver Demarcus Robinson had only 288 yards and 4 touchdowns last year in total, he had more than half of that in this game alone with his 6 catches for 172 yards and 2 touchdowns. Most of which came in the 2nd quarter of course. Shame. SHAME.

2) Derek Carr

Not to be lost in all of this was the very bad performance from Derek Carr in the 2nd half. Carr started out the game playing very well, and I can’t help but feel he got screwed over when they didn’t give him the first down on his scramble in the 2nd quarter where he jumped over what seemed like half the defense.

Then the wheels completely fell off and he got into the all too familiar pressing too hard version of Carr that ruined any chance at a Raiders win. His interception in the end zone on a fade pass to Tyrell Williams that instead was a father/son style soft toss to Bashaud Breeland was simply unforgivable. That was the Raiders chance right there and he gently tossed it back to the Chiefs instead landing him squarely on this side of the WInners/Losers list.

3) LeSean McCoy

You would have thought that a game where the Chiefs quarterback threw for 443 yards and 4 touchdowns would have created some lanes for the running back. McCoy took advantage of that to the tune of 11 carries, for 23 yards. The aging McCoy was a surprise cut from the Bills during final roster cuts but after a performance like this maybe we should stop saying it was a surprise. Dishonorable mention to Damien Williams who added 9 carries for 8 yards himself, it was not a good day for the Chiefs running game.

4) Ryan Grant

This was a chance for Ryan Grant to take over as the #2 receiver for the Raiders and he did absolutely nothing with that chance. Actually, he did less than nothing because he finished with 1 catch for -2 yards. He also ran straight into a Chiefs defender which knocked him completely off his route for Derek Carr’s 2nd terrible interception of the day. Instead of taking a step forward to claim the other starting position Ryan Grant clearly took a step backwards. His game today begs one very important question: How long until J.J. Nelson is healthy again?