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Monday Night Football open thread

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NFL: Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Are you ready for some football! It’s a Monday night party, for fans of the Browns or Jets anyway. This was supposed to be a battle of young possible future star sophomore QB’s Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold but unfortunately Darnold somehow got Mono and is out indefinitely. So instead it’s the fairly less attractive match up of Mayfield against Trevor Siemien.

The Browns are definitely heavy favorites despite crapping the bed last week against the Titans after an entire offseason of hype. This will also be the prime time debut of Odell Beckham Jr. in his Browns gear, with or without a $350k orange watch that was the biggest storyline from their loss last week. They also feature a very strong defense so it’s not surprising they are a 6.5 point favorite in this one despite being the away team.

As for the J-E-T-S JETS, JETS, JETS? They also have a super star player making a prime time debut with Le’Veon Bell having his first nationally televised game in a Jets uniform tonight. They also have recently acquired WR Demaryius Thomas who is going to be in uniform as well despite only being on the team for a week after being traded from New England.

Though the Jets are a big underdog, they are at home and their crowd is one of the more unique and loud fanbases in the NFL. They are more than just fans watching, they are literally part of the entertainment of the game with their many different Hall of Fame fans like Firemen Ed. Anybody who has been to a Jets game in NY knows what I mean, and if you’d like to find out yourself in person the Raiders will be taking on the Jets in November this year.

Hopefully it will be a good game, chat here with your fellow Raiders fans while it all goes down. Either way at least it’s a preview of a team that the Raiders will be facing later this year so there is at least some value to Raiders fans watching this game for that reason. There’s also the fact that both these teams have struggled for many years just like the Raiders and yet still have two of the more intense fanbases in the league so there should be a certain amount of respect for these teams there as well.