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Broncos and Chargers fan confidence went from offseason euphoria to regular season harsh reality

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NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

You know that saying ‘The bigger they are the harder they fall?’ Well, that goes for confidence as well. Around here we try not to sell you pie-in-the-sky. Being grounded may not always be the most pleasant state, but it certainly doesn’t function to set you up for disappointment.

Take the Chargers, for instance. They were once again pumped up this offseason as the team that could challenge the Chiefs for division supremacy. They have the talent to do it. They seem to have the talent to do it every year. Until they don’t. Every year they get snakebit by injuries. This year it’s All Pro safety Derwin James, left tackle Russel Okung, and most recently talented tight end Hunter Henry who have been among those lost to injury.

Last week the Chargers put up just 10 points in a loss to the Lions after barely pulling out an overtime win over the Colts in week one. And a Chargers fan base that was 88% confident in the offseason has tumbled to just 20%. A drop of 68% just two weeks in.

At least the Chargers fans had some reason to feel good about their team this season. Broncos fans never really had any tangible reasons to feel great about their team and yet, they were as high as 84% confident this offseason. About what exactly? I have no idea.

I suppose if you were drinking from the Kool-aid firehose they spray out over at Mile High Report, you might have been as delusional as they were too. But two games into the season, reality has set in and the fall has been a hard one. They are now sitting at 24% confidence, a 60% drop from their offseason perch.

Look at that rise and fall. Like clicking up the rollercoaster and then AAAAAAAHHH!!! Or in this case, perhaps it’s climbing a mile high and then falling off a cliff on the other side.

If you’re wondering where the Raiders fans stand, you guys got as high as 79% in the offseason, and after a win in the season opener over the Broncos followed by the 28-10 loss to the Chiefs, the Raiders fan confidence now sits at 58%.

I suppose that’s residual good feeling from the opener and perhaps from their 10-0 first quarter against the Chiefs before getting torched in the second quarter. Whether they should be mostly confident right now remains to be seen. How they play in Minnesota will be telling.

As you might expect, the Chiefs fans confidence has held steady at close to 100%.

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