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Raiders RB Josh Jacobs has had a rough week including battling hip injury and losing 10 pounds due to illness

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Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders Photo by Jane Tyska/MediaNews Group/The Mercury News via Getty Images

You might want to temper your expectations for Josh Jacobs this Sunday in Minnesota. The Raiders rookie running back is probably not going to be at his best. He’s had a rough week to say the least.

In last Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs he left the game for a time with a hip injury. That same injury has had him limited in practice all week.

Adding illness to injury, literally, Jacobs said via his Instagram page that he got so sick this week that he lost ten pounds. Keep in mind, the body can lose ten pounds of water weight fairly easily.

Purging everything (whether it be vomiting, diarrhea or what have you) is one sure way to do that. And given enough recovery time, he could restore that water weight as well.

It’s possible he will be ok by Sunday, at least from the illness, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Raiders limit his workload. As for the hip injury, that could linger, further affecting his on-field performance and workload.

Whatever bug Jacobs caught, it appears to going around. Defensive tackle PJ Hall was limited Thursday with illness and cornerback Keisean Nixon missed practice altogether.