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Raiders rookie Maxx Crosby fined for play which he probably shouldn’t have even been flagged

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Not that you should be surprised or anything.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

It’s bad enough when the league throws flags for roughing the passer when there was no . roughing on the passer there. It’s worse when they then turn around and fine the players for it. That’s what happened to Raiders rookie defensive end, Maxx Crosby. Today an NFL spokesman informed Crosby he was being fined $21,056. The fourth round pick makes just under $30K per game as it is, so that fine is pretty brutal.

The flag for roughing the passer came on a hit he laid on Patrick Mahomes in last Sunday’s game between the Raiders and Chiefs. Even calling it a hit is a stretch.

Clearly Crosby is reaching up and jumping to try and keep Mahomes from getting the ball away while still advancing to try for the sack. In the clip you can hear Tony Romo say the reason for the flag being that Crosby put his weight on Mahomes, adding “That’s tough.”

That’s funny because that’s exactly what Crosby said after the game “It’s tough. I’m just trying to make a play, but stuff like that happens.”

The NFL puts these pass rushers in an impossible position. It’s incredibly difficult and often impossible to sack the quarterback while simultaneously keeping all your body weight off of them.