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Raiders at Vikings 2nd half open thread

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The first half is in the books for the Raiders week 3 matchup against the Minnesota Vikings. It was quite the ugly start for Oakland, and that is putting it nicely. They gifted two touchdowns to the Vikings by extending both drives with penalties. One of the penalties was on Gareon Conley with a very questionable holding call, but the other one is a ridiculously stupid roughing the passer from Arden Key on a 3rd and 18.

After that Derek Carr threw a terrible pass over the head of rookie tight end Foster Moureau which was intercepted in Raiders territory by Harrison Smith. There was never really a question of what would happen after that, the Vikings of course added to their lead to make it 21-0.

The Raiders got a big 3rd down conversion from Darren Waller that woke their offense up after their previous drive had that horrible interception. They eventually scored on a flea flicker pass to JJ Nelson to make the score 21-7.

Oakland was close to being able to get some more points before the end of the half but Darren Waller couldn’t make the catch on a crucial 3rd down play from midfield. Instead the Raiders punted and the Vikings ran out the rest of the clock in the half.

Chat right here throughout the 2nd half, hopefully the Raiders can continue their offensive momentum when they get the ball first in the 2nd half.