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Raiders fan confidence as low as it had been late in their lost 2018 season

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Kansas City Chiefs v Oakland Raiders Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Things got pretty bad last season. Their season was over by week six when they lost to the Seahawks in London, bringing them to 1-5. They began packing it in as they headed for their bye week, putting several players on the trade block.

The fan reaction mirrored the team’s actions, dropping into single digits. It crept back up even as the team continued to lose. It wasn’t until week ten they put up their second win of the season, beating a hapless Cardinals team. They would lose the next two games, at which point the fan confidence was at 25%.

Now heading into week four, Raiders fans are already feeling the same lack of confidence in this team they had when the team was sitting at 2-10, playing out the last few games of a lost season.

I don’t see this as some fans giving up too early. It’s just that last season came with a rebuild and therefore more leeway was given from gradual improvement. Fans expect to see that improvement now and are not seeing it.