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Raiders defeat Colts: Four winners, four losers

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Oakland Raiders v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

Sunday the Raiders came fighting back on both sides of the ball to pull out a 31-24 win over the Colts in Indianapolis. It was a pretty big win as they pull to 2-2 on the season.


1. Erik Harris

For the first time this season the Raiders had an interception. And it was a big one. With the Colts down one score with just over two minutes remaining, Harris stepped in front of a pass out left from Jacoby Brissett, picked it clean and returned it 30 yards for the score. That was a back breaker for the Colts who were able to put up one more score in the game, but it wasn’t enough.

2. Josh Jacobs

Jon Gruden finally utilized him in the passing game and he had two catches for 29 yards. With his 79 yards on 17 carries, Jacobs had over 100 yards of offense (108) and the game-ending first down run to allow the Raiders to kneel out the clock.

3. Trevor Davis

Davis was acquired in trade with the Packers last week and was inactive against the Vikings. The first time he touched the ball as a Raider came on the first play of the second possession. He got the ball on a sweep and took it 60 yard to the house and the Raiders went up 14-0 to start the game. He also had a 14-yard carry. That’s two touches for 74 yards and a touchdown. Pretty good way to make his Raiders debut.

4. Raiders season

Things were looking bleak for the Raiders. Two bad losses to the Chiefs and Vikings the past two weeks and fans were feeling pretty down about the prospects of this team. A third loss in a row would have sent them to 1-3 on the season with three games against tough teams away from Oakland on the slate. This win is huge for their season. They return to .500 and feel a whole Hell of a lot better boarding that long flight to London tonight.


1. Vontaze Burfict

The head-hunting Vontaze Burfict we have come to know over the years showed up in the second quarter. He came across the middle, lowered his helmet and nailed Jack Doyle in the head and was ejected from the game. There seems a fairly good chance he will be suspended for the hit, which would have him out against the Bears next week in London. That’s a bad loss for the Raiders. I have been known to lament the NFL’s often ticky tack rules in the name of player safety, but that was a no doubter. You keep thinking Burfict should know better. Then he does it again.

2. Marlon Mack

After the way Dalvin Cook ran through the Raiders defense, the same was expected from Marlon Mack running behind that elite offensive line. But the Raiders held their own. They had four defensive tackles active and used them all. Mack had just 39 yards on 11 carries (3.5 yards per carry). It helps that the Raiders took a 21-7 lead, forcing the Colts to go to the air.

3. Eric Ebron

Ebron had a long touchdown late, but it was too late. Prior to that he saw four targets with no catches. His drops were killing the Colts offense and keeping them from mounting a comeback.

4. Curtis Riley

It was Riley who took over as the starter when rookie safety Johnathan Abram was lost for the season. And the secondary just couldn’t get on the same page. Two of the Chiefs four second quarter touchdowns were miscommunications in the Raiders’ secondary that led to wide open catches, and Riley gave up the first two big catches in a blowout loss to the Vikings last week. Erik Harris got the start against the Colts and suddenly the play of the secondary was much improved. And his pick six to end the game should pretty much end Riley as a starter with the Raiders.