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AFC West report: Raiders tied for second, Broncos winless

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Here’s where the division stands at the quarter mark.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

We’re four games in and the AFC West has little in terms of surprises. The only team that isn’t right where they were expected to be in perhaps the Chargers who sit at 2-2 on the season.

Most expected the Chargers to battle with the Chiefs for division supremacy. That may or may not happen, but as of now the Chiefs are undefeated and the Chargers are sitting at .500 with losses to the Lions and Texans.

Here is what the full division looks like:

1. Kansas City Chiefs 4-0

T2. Oakland Raiders 2-2

T2. Los Angeles Chargers 2-2

4. Denver Broncos 0-4

No one is surprised the Chiefs are undefeated. They are arguably the best team in football. The only surprise may have been that they had to come from behind to beat the Lions last Sunday. Next up is the Colts who just lost to the Raiders.

The Raiders are sitting at .500 as well, but that was exactly where they were supposed to be at this point. At least if you go by my 2019 season prediction which had them beating the Broncos and Colts and losing to the Chiefs and Vikings. Next up is the Bears and their second ranked defense.

As for the Broncos...well, yeah. They’re just as horrible as everyone who doesn’t frequent or write for Mile High Report expected them to be. They looked like they might get their first win Sunday over the Jaguars, but Jags QB Gardner Minshew easily drove down the field late to set them up for the game-winning field goal. Hard to see where the Broncos get a win this season. They have the Chargers next.