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Raiders fined Antonio Brown twice for missing mandatory practice and he is not happy ‘when your own team want to hate’

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Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Mike Mayock is not playing around with Antonio Brown. The Raiders want him on the field. That means the practice field too. During training camp, Brown missed a practice because of his helmet grievance after he was supposed to be back. At that time, Mayock gave Brown an ultimatum to either be “all in or all out.” And he fined Brown $40K for missing that practice.

As it turns out, Brown was again fined just four days later for missing a walk-thru with the team and incurred another fine for $13,950. Antonio Brown isn’t happy about it and he, of course, took to social media to gripe.

“When your own team want to hate,” said Antonio over an image of the letter he received from Mayock notifying him of his fine for missing practice.

Brown went on to say “Everyone got to pay this year SO WE CLEAR.”

So long as when he says “everyone” he means everyone on the opposing team, then that’s fine. If he literally means everyone, including his own team which he is blaming for wanting to “hate” on him instead of taking responsibility for his own actions, then that might be a problem.