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Antonio Brown has settled on a helmet for 2019 season

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NFL: Preseason-Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It appears as though our long national nightmare has finally come to an end. After months of kvetching, greivances and appeals, not to mention a possible retirement threat, Antonio Brown has finally decided on a helmet to wear this upcoming season.

Brown has picked the Xenith Shadow model helmet, which is rated the #9 top performing helmet in league testing by the NFL and NFLPA.

“NFL athletes have a choice in what helmet they wear. I choose Xenith,” said Brown. “It’s not easy to make a change like this so far into your career, but the Xenith Shadow was the only helmet that could fit my needs on the field.”

By this, of course, Brown means “Xenith gave me this helmet and paid me a ton of money.” God bless America.

Here’s some more publicity pictures of Brown with the new helmet, which appears to be the model he was showing off to the Hard Knocks cameras in Tuesday’s final episode of the series.

Xenith also provides helmets for other NFL stars including Nick Chubb and Frank Gore. With any luck, the Broncos will see Brown’s new look from the rear as he races into the end zone several times on Monday night in Oakland.