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Raiders fan confidence has dipped a bit while Chargers fan confidence took a nosedive

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Los Angeles Chargers v Oakland Raiders Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The most recent Antonio Brown drama certainly hasn’t given Raiders fans reason to be excited. The past 24 hours has been tense. And the result hasn’t made most fans feel much better. Sure, AB won’t be suspended, but to what end? The damage has been done. Either your opinion of Brown has deteriorated or your opinion of Gruden has dropped for allowing it to go on unpunished.

As of mid-August, Raiders fans were holding steady with a respectable 79% confidence rate. It held at that level since the draft. Now, with the season starting, the confidence has dipped a bit to 71%.

That’s third in the AFC West. But it isn’t behind the two teams most are predicting will take the division. Obviously the Chiefs fans are out of their minds excited. They have a 98% confidence level. But next up is the Broncos by just a hair over the Raiders (72%).

It’s the Chargers fans who aren’t feeling too hot about their team. Just two weeks ago they were sitting at 78% and had been in the 70s and above the entire offseason. Now they’re at 59%, probably because the season is about to start and their star running back is AWOL and their star safety on injured reserve for the first half of the season. Not to mention some serious concerns along the offensive line.

As is often the case, the Chargers were the offseason darling only to see it all come crashing down when the season arrives. That being said, so long as they have Philip Rivers behind center, they will be a competitive team. But you can understand the fans feeling a bit underwhelmed right now.