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Antonio Brown just posted a video with a recorded conversation he had with Jon Gruden and we have so many questions

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You knew we couldn’t go the rest of the day without Antonio Brown posting something on social media or saying something more about his situation with the Raiders. I present to you, the video he just posted on YouTube with the title “THIS IS MY LIFE. AINT NO MORE GAMES.”

The first question many people had was first if Jon Gruden knew Brown had recorded him. Second if he knew he used the recording to make this video. And third if he was ok with it. Because if he didn’t know and wasn’t ok, that would mean Brown goes from the safehouse straight to the doghouse. And by law, perhaps the big house. But let’s not go there.

A short time after the video was making the rounds, causing a bit of fuss over what was to come of Brown for it, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen says Gruden saw the video and was amused, even said it was “awesome.”

Others were wondering exactly what Brown meant by no more games. Does he mean literally not playing football games? Does he mean no more games from him? Or does he mean he won’t stand for any more games from the Raiders brass?

Let’s assume, he doesn’t mean no more football games first of all. He probably wouldn’t have put his head down and apologized to the team and returned to practice if that’s what he meant. As for whether he means games from him or from the Raiders brass — and namely Mike Mayock with whom he is currently in a spat — it’s hard to say.

If he thinks Mayock is playing games with him, this may not be the end of it. Just the end of him putting up with it; whatever that means. If he means no more games from him, that sure would be good news for the Raiders. Though I think we’ll all believe it when we see it. He tends to change moods with the wind. If you choose to think this is all positive, I could see how Gruden might think it’s awesome.