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Breaking: Raiders release Antonio Brown

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Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

This morning Antonio Brown asked for his release following the Raiders fining hi $215K for conduct detrimental and thus voiding the guarantees in his contract. And the Raiders have agreed. The team has officially released Antonio Brown. His time in Oakland is done before it actually began.

Brown’s contract initially had $1 million in guarantees that were tied to workout bonuses which he didn’t meet due to missing basically the entirety of training camp first with frostbitten feet and then due to his helmet grievance with the NFL. And his appeal for the original helmet grievance denial.

Through it all, the Raiders remained supportive. Namely Jon Gruden and Derek Carr. But despite them hanging with him and constant vocal support, Brown continued to play the victim, as was evident in several episodes of Hard Knocks and the video he put out Friday night in which he had the nerve to ask if the Raiders wanted him. Not to mention he was asking it to Jon Gruden in a conversation he recorded without permission.

And, so, just as the Raiders are about open the season, their most talented player is gone. For the second season in a row.

Antonio Brown can sign with another team as early as later today. But what team would not only take him on, but pay him the kind of money he was scheduled to make with the Raiders? Can’t imagine any team would. Talk about being your own worst enemy.