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Emergency Silver & Black Pridecast: Navigating Raiders release of Antonio Brown and the saga that led to it

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Alex Thayer

Hey, can you believe the Raiders are about to play actual meaningful football in two days? It can be hard to tell what with the constant Antonio Brown drama that has only ramped up as the season has drawn near. It all finally reached a head this morning with Brown’s release.

There is a lot to unpack with the release, both with how we got here, what ended the Raiders patience once and for all, what caused Brown to ultimately ask to be released, and where the team and Brown go from here. I mean, aside from their separate ways.

So, we hopped on the S&B Pridecast to try to hit this thing from every angle possible.

In situations like this it’s important to ask the who, what, why, when, where, and how of it. Like who’s to blame? What happened to get to this point? Why is Antonio Brown the way he is? When did it all start? Where do we go from here? And how do the Raiders keep finding themselves in situations like this?