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Silver Mining 1/13: Tom Flores denied from the NFL Hall of Fame. Again.

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Super Bowl XVIII - Washington Redskins v Los Angeles Raiders Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Starting it off by saying Happy Birthday to our site editor Cyril!

Raiders News

Raiders Wire: Tom Flores again denied Hall of Fame induction in what figured to be his best chance to get in

This was 100 percent his best chance to get in, and they decided to put in Jimmy Johnson and a media personality. I’m not that upset about Johnson, but Bill Cowher? Really? It’s infuriating because the Pro Football Hall of Fame is overlooking a man who accomplished so much as a player and a coach. I want to say that I’m surprised, but it’s getting really old watching dead Raiders legends get inducted. Absolutely disgraceful and disgusting. Raiders’ Richie Incognito Shuts Down Derek Carr Rumors

I saw over the weekend Trent Brown also said something similar. I don’t know if any other teammates have publicly endorsed Carr outside of the two offensive lineman.

Empire Sports Media: Why The New York Giants Should Try To Trade Down With The Raiders In The 2020 NFL Draft

So this was the title piece before Tom Flores was denied entry into the Hall of Fame. It’s an interesting conversation that will indeed happen (giving everyone a roundtable question hint). Do I think the Raiders try and trade up to get Tua or Herbert? Absolutely not. Would I be upset? If that happened and Simmons fell to 12th, I would probably need a hug.

Bleacher Report: Every NFL Team’s Worst Contract Heading into the Offseason

So, I’ll save you the suspense and tell you the writer of this article chose Trent Brown for the Raiders, which is absolutely ridiculous. Based on salary and performance, a neutral viewpoint would’ve been Tyrell Williams or Tahir Whitehead, but it’s a smart choice to get clickbait. Though if that was the goal, he should’ve just said Carr.

AFC West News

CBS Sports: Patrick Mahomes expected to land NFL record-setting contract from Chiefs, worth at least $40 million per year

And he deserves every single penny of it.

Bolts From the Blue: How the Chargers return to the postseason in 2020

Hahahahahahahahaha. Ok.

Mile High Report: Broncos intend to hire Pat Shurmur as their next offensive coordinator

Well, I guess going 4-1 down the stretch with someone not named Flacco or Allen wasn’t enough to save Rich Scangarello’s job. Now I thought you didn’t want to keep switching OCs when you’re trying to develop a QB?

NFL News

SB Nation: The Ravens’ playoff loss is not on Lamar Jackson

Jackson isn’t worried about his playoff record, nor should he be considering the company he’s in. Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and Aaron Rodgers didn’t win their first playoff game until their sixth year in the league

Music City Miracles: Jon Robinson’s fingerprints are all over this playoff run and that’s great news for Titans fans

An excellent in-depth look at how the Titans roster has been constructed by their GM.

For the Win: Texans should fire Bill O’Brien and hire Eric Bieniemy, who just embarrassed Houston

  1. This requires too much common sense.
  2. This is too much common sense from a team that allowed O’Brien to be the general manager as well as the head coach.
  3. The Texans have zero draft capital over the next two years thanks to O’Brien, and the cap space situation doesn’t look ideal considering the Texans need to pay Deshaun Watson and Laremy TunsiI. I wouldn’t want to walk into that situation as my first head coaching gig personally.