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Silver Mining 1/15: The Backup

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NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders News

Just Blog Baby: Raiders may want to roll the dice on this veteran QB in free agency

I can’t lie, I actually wouldn’t mind this.

NBC Sports: Independent monitor expresses concern about Raiders stadium completion date

One more game in Oakland?

If Isaiah Johnson can put it together, I want someone to show me a better group of four straight picks.

AFC West

Arrowhead Pride: Chris Jones seen as “biggest X-factor” in AFC Championship

Looks like some folks believe that Jones is the only way the Chiefs will be able to stop Derrick Henry.

Mile High Report: Broncos will put the Franchise Tag on safety Justin Simmons if they cannot agree on an extension

ESPN: Bright spot for Melvin Gordon after trying season? He’s healthy entering free agency

I mean I wonder who’s going to pay him? Austin Ekeler made him look completely unneeded on the Chargers.

NFL News

Cat Scratch Reader: Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly is retiring after eight seasons

NinersNation: The 49ers should look into bringing back Rich Scangarello

I would look to bring him back right away, even if it’s an “offensive consultant.” The Broncos played the Chiefs twice this season and the Titans once. Scangarello has put extensive work into both teams the 49ers would face in the Super Bowl. That alone is reason enough for me.

Acme Packing Company: Packers pass rush caught fire at right time and must affect game against 49ers

It’s on those Smith boys to go into Santa Clara and stop Jimmy G. from completing his Tom Brady impression.