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Poll: Should the Raiders try to trade up for Joe Burrow?

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After posting one of the greatest statistical quarterback seasons in college football history, Joe Burrow rocketed up draft boards from likely Day 3 pick to surefire first overall selection.

With a strong arm, nearly pinpoint accuracy, elite pocket awareness, and the love and adoration of his teammates, Burrow seemingly has it all, and the Cincinnati Bengals would seem like fools if they don’t select him at No. 1.

That said, there’s certainly a chance that teams offer the farm to try to snag Burrow if they believe he’s truly a franchise quarterback. On Jan. 2, CBS’ Ryan Wilson speculated that the Raiders could be one of those teams that inquires about trading up for Burrow, and listed three potential trade scenarios based on different trade value charts.

Scenario 1: Raiders trade No. 12, 19, 81, 90, 2021 first and 2022 first for No. 1.

This trade chart is based on Pats Pulpit writer Rich Hill’s 2018 trade chart that is based on trades that happen in real life. The No. 1 selection has a much higher value than normal on Hill’s chart, mostly because of the recent trades for quarterbacks that we’ve seen in the past. From a Raiders perspective, this seems like far too much to give up, and I would frankly be flabbergasted if it happened.

Scenario 2: Raiders trade No. 12, 19 and 2021 first for No. 1.

This proposal is based on the traditional draft trade value chart, which is admittedly outdated. This trade idea is somewhat intriguing if the Raiders could swap Derek Carr for a second or third round draft pick.

Scenario 3: Raiders trade No. 12, 80 and 81 for No. 1.

This trade is based on Kevin Meers’ draft value chart from 2011, and this scenario unfolding would be a dream. Trading up for Burrow while keeping not only all of their future all future first rounders, but No. 19 as well. It seems quite unlikely that 12, 80 and 81 would be enough to get up to No. 1, but if the Bengals are willing to accept that offer, the Raiders should strongly consider it.


Should the Raiders trade up for Joe Burrow?

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  • 10%
    Yes! Do whatever it takes to get him
    (352 votes)
  • 23%
    Yes, but only if the cost is minimal
    (772 votes)
  • 65%
    No, we need to keep our draft picks
    (2152 votes)
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