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Silver Mining 1/20: Tom Brady ‘open-minded’ about playing elsewhere

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NFL: AFC Wild Card-Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders News

Silver And Black Pride: The Raiders should model their front seven after the 49ers’ fearsome unit

Given what the 49ers have done this year, it’s relevant to revisit this article from last week. It’s easy to say that because the 49ers sucked for so long, they were able to draft good pieces. And yes that’s absolutely true, but that’s not the entire story. Fred Warner was a third round draft pick, Dre Greenlaw was drafted in the fifth round last year, and Kwon Alexander was signed in free agency. You know where I’m going with this.

This absolutely has to change. There’s no excuses for it anymore.

The Bay Area showcases the definition of the bandwagon fan, and trust me, there’s nothing more annoying than a Bay Area bandwagon fan. Once the Bay Area bandwagon fan likes a team, they price out the people who actually know the players’ names and stuck by the team during the dark times. I, for one, hate the Bay Area Bandwagon fan. All of them can be Santa Clara 49ers fans.

NBC Sports: Jon Gruden believes playing better in cold will help Raiders evolution

I mean, I think drafting and signing linebackers who can actually play in pass coverage will help the Raiders evolution, but sure let’s concentrate on cold weather games. Free agency and the NFL Draft need to hurry up and come.

AFC West News

Arrowhead Pride: Nine winners and one loser from the Chiefs’ win over the Titans

The Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl. That’s all.

Bolts From The Blue: Philip Rivers and his family are moving to Florida

So, does that mean Jameis Winston is coming to Los Angeles, and Philip Rivers is going to Tampa Bay? We know that Rivers isn’t afraid of a commute.

Mile High Report: It’s okay for Broncos fans to be mad at the Hall of Fame

Get in line.

NFL News

ESPN: Tom Brady ‘open-minded’ about playing elsewhere

On Saturday night, Brady was in Las Vegas for UFC 246, where he crossed paths with Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis. Photos of them together generated predictable buzz on social media, highlighting how Brady’s future is not just arguably the biggest story of the upcoming NFL offseason, but in all of sports.

My first thought when I saw the pictures from Saturday night was to get mad at Mark Davis, but then when I thought about it, I bet Brady is using him to gain leverage for a monster contract from the Patriots or another team. Mark can smile at him all he wants, but Mayock and Gruden are happy with Derek Carr.

Music City Miracles: Winners and Losers from Chiefs 35, Titans 24

Hats off to the Titans. They might have ended the Patriots dynasty and took out the No. 1 seed in the AFC. That marks a successful season.

Bleacher Report: Packers’ Aaron Rodgers Says ‘Window Is Open for Us’ After Loss to 49ers

I mean, he has to say this of course, but the Packers look like they are more than a couple players away from being in the same class as the 49ers. They got smacked by them twice this season in extremely uncompetitive games.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

It’s more than just a day off from work.