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Silver Mining 1/29: Bill O’Brien officially promoted to Texans’ GM

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NFL: AFC Divisional Round-Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders News Raiders’ Jon Gruden ‘Interested’ in Former Pro Bowl Quarterback

Here’s the issue I have with all the Jameis Winston to the Raiders rumors, it’s not an upgrade haha. In fact, I’d argue that Winston’s HUGE turnover problem is worse than any complaints people have about Derek Carr, justified or not. Winston’s decision making is horrendous. Yes, they both led their teams to the same record of 7-9, but I don’t want my starting quarterback throwing 30 interceptions.

Bleacher Report: The Blockbuster NFL Trades We Want to See This Offseason

Here’s another issue I have, everyone keep linking the Raiders to A.J. Green and Odell Beckham Jr. I have to keep remembering that we’re in the off-season, and everyone is going for click bait since news is so slow, but it’s like those same people writing these articles keep forgetting that this draft class is deep at wide receiver. You know who else probably realizes that? Mike Mayock.

Las Vegas Sun: Playoff push: Seven-step offseason plan for Las Vegas Raiders

The local media is not being kind to Tahir Whitehead. Honestly, I haven’t seen a lot of support for Whitehead at his salary since the season ended.

AFC West News

Arrowhead Pride: Clark Hunt: Mahomes contract doesn’t have to be this offseason

Mahomes has all the leverage. That team is literally nothing without him. I would hold out for all the money. I never understood the mentality of taking one for the team, when these teams cut guys all the time. Professional sports is a business, and there ain’t no loyalty in it.

Bolts From the Blue: Former Chargers player criticizes organization over handling of Philip Rivers

Giving Daniel Snyder a run for his money as the worst owner in the NFL.

Mile High Report: What are the Broncos getting with the Shurmur-Shula combo?

What is Paul Guenther doing to make sure he’s ready for a new look Denver Broncos team? He’s probably on the phone with Sean Lee.

NFL News

Battle Red Blog: Bill O’Brien Officially Promoted To Texans’ General Manager

This is the worst move this entire offseason. The Texans aren’t going to have a first round pick until 2030. I can’t wait, and I mean this, I cannot wait to see how contract extension talks go between Deshaun Watson and Bill O’Brien the GM. If they go bad, I can’t wait to watch how it plays out during the season between Watson and O’Brien the coach.

Dawgs By Nature: Browns hire Andrew Berry as GM

I love the Cleveland Browns. You can’t make this stuff up. Berry was the Vice President of Player Personnel for the Browns from 2016 until 2018. During that time they went 1-15, 0-16, and 7-8-1.

Yahoo Sports: 49ers’ Emmanuel Sanders thinks Ben Roethlisberger ‘bridge is burnt’

Does anyone like this guy? Honest question.