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Josh Jacobs buys his father a house

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Sometimes it’s bigger than football. In 2019 the Raiders used one of their three first round picks on a talented running back from Alabama, Josh Jacobs. In the days following the draft, Raider Nation learned about the personal struggles and triumphs that Jacobs and his family went through.

As a youngster, his mother and father separated and divorced. After the split, Jacobs lived with his mother, but that didn’t last long. He and his mother often butted heads and he was kicked out to go live with his father, who at the time was struggling to make ends meat. Things got so dire for Marty Jacobs (Josh’s father) that he and Josh were forced to spend weeks sleeping in a car. The story has it that Josh’s father would drive around the Tulsa, Oklahoma area looking for a safe place to park the car for the night. Jacobs has openly spoke about how his father would sleep with a gun on his lap for safety in a not so safe neighborhood.

His father would often stay up all night and not sleep to ensure Josh’s safety. Eventually, Marty would win custody of all five of his children, which obviously made things extremely challenging from a financial standpoint. Marty worked tirelessly to support his children, making personal sacrifices along the way to better the lives of his children.

The story gets even better, as Jacobs would go on to star at his high school football team and receive a scholarship offer to the University of Alabama. We know how the rest plays out.

Now a budding star in the NFL, Jacobs is in the position to repay his father for all his sacrifices and that is exactly what he did today.

If you didn’t see it, Josh Jacobs posted on his instagram account that he had purchased his father a house.

I don’t know if his father was crying in this video, but I know I was when watching it. Well done young man, well done.