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Silver Mining 1/8: No Wade Phillips For You!

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NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders News

The Ringer: The Rams Have Let Go of Wade Phillips, the Defensive Sage Behind the Offensive Prodigy

Cyril or “Dream Crusher” as I like to call him, already broke the news that there’s not a real chance of Wade joining the Raiders. I’m sure BD, Evan, and Will would agree as well.

It’ll be a roundtable question soon, don’t worry.

Silver And Black Pride: The case for and against Paul Guenther, plus four potential replacements

This is about a month old. I promise you I want Guenther gone more than people want Carr gone.

Mercury News: Jay Gruden says no plans at this time join brother Jon with Raiders

You would think he wants to be in Vegas, doing things that he seems to enjoy in his off time.

AFC West News

Arrowhead Pride: Eric Bieniemy may not be leaving Chiefs after all

The head coaching hires outside of Ron Rivera to Washington have been absolute trash in my opinion. The only thing I can think of the hesitation on Bieniemy, and this is a reach, maybe teams see how bad Matt Nagy has been this year and are cooling on Chiefs OCs? Whatever the case, I fully expect the Giants, Panthers, and Cowboys to continue to be mediocre.

Chargers Wire: PFF identifies perfect early/late-round fits for Chargers in 2020 NFL draft

I would be shocked if the Chargers aren’t taking a quarterback with their pick at No. 6.

Mile High Report: The Broncos Country Vote Mock Draft V.5.0

Cyril made the pick on behalf of the Sin City Raiders, and I like it, a lot.

NFL News. . .Former Players That Need Attention News

Bleacher Report: Terrell Owens Says Cowboys Should Replace Dak Prescott with Tom Brady

This is probably the worst Brady take I’ve seen so far.

Pop Culture: Antonio Brown Calls out Agent Drew Rosenhaus Amid Alleged Issues With Lawyer

You can’t make this stuff up. I want to feel bad for him because of his obvious untreated mental health issues, but he’s so hard to like.

12UP: Shannon Sharpe Absolutely Roasted Orlando Scandrick to His Face on ‘Undisputed’

Besides the obvious chasm in talent level between the two former players, Shannon Sharpe still looks like he could beat Scandrick’s ass too.