Raider Fans very frustrated and yet theres hope for this team

After signing many free agents and drafting defensive players fans were encouraged by all the media hype regarding these players and envisioned a much better team. We paid good money to fill a lot of holes on defense and so far have yet to improve and allowing 30 points a game.

Injuries have created a huge problem for offense and defense. Next man up doesn't seem to work as well as when we have our starting players and makes both sides of ball less effective. Coaching needs much improvement and play calling really dismal.

If this team is healthy and starting players available on offense we can keep up with most teams. There has to be some kind of change with this defense and Gruden needs to grow a pair and take this seriously. He's always saying how proud he is of his players, so maybe its Coaching or the defensive scheme used. Many fans seem to blame Carr when we lose and even are unhappy with him when we win.

This is what Gruden said after Bills game regarding Carr. link -

We have a young team that will only get better as they learn to play together. Expect a big turn around after the bye and if not then get use to this for several more years. Mark loves Gruden and I guess were stuck for a while.