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Raiders miss out on Takk McKinley, Falcons pass rusher claimed by Bengals

Bay Area native is heading to Cincinnati

Takk McKInley
David T. Foster III/Charlotte Observer/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

On Monday, we wrote that the pass rush-hungry Las Vegas Raiders should claim defensive end Takk McKinley, who was waived by the Atlanta Falcons on Wednesday.

Apparently, the Raiders — who have just nine sacks in eight games — felt the same way.

However, the Raiders weren’t the only team with the idea of claiming McKinley and he is now headed to the Cincinnati Bengals, according to ESPN.

The NFL waiver system is based on teams with losing records having priority. The Bengals are 2-5 and were the worst team to put in a claim on McKinley.

The Raiders had to know the chances of being rewarded McKinley were low. He was attractive to teams because he is 25, a former first-round pick and has 17.5 sacks in three-plus seasons. Plus, his remaining 2020 salary is less than $1 million.

It was clear that the East Bay Area native would be a long shot for the Raiders to get their hands on, but it was worth the try for a team that could use some more defensive help for the playoff push.

UPDATE: Four teams put in a claim on McKinley and the Raiders had the fourth priority of all of them.