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Derek Carr likes the 2020 Raiders’ 6-4 squad more than last year’s 6-4 team

Las Vegas quarterback says this team is ‘different’

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers
Raiders are happy
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The 2019 Oakland Raiders were 6-4 at this point in the season last year and they felt pretty good about themselves.

The 2020 Las Vegas Raiders are currently 6-4 and they feel pretty good about themselves again.

No, the Raiders aren’t worried about a repeat performance of last year — in which they went from a playoff contender to a team that finished below .500. The 2019 Raiders finished their season by losing five of the final six games to go 7-9.

Yet quarterback Derek Carr said he isn’t worried about that happening again, because he feels like this team is “different.” Carr said he talked to Raiders’ general manager Mike Mayock about the subject this week.

“Me and Mr. Mayock, I said the same words to him in our conversation the other day, ‘you know we were 6-4 last year?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, but this feels different.’ And he said, ‘I agree.’ I think we both feel that it’s different,” Carr said Wednesday. “There’s just something about this team; the teams we’ve lost to, how we’ve lost and things like that. The teams that we’ve played with and beat and thigs like that. We’re definitely a better team this year, but we right now have to, and I mean have to, finish this season better than we did last year. And I believe that we will. I’m hopeful and I believe that we will and I think that it’s different, I feel it’s different, but time will tell if it’s different.”

The big difference is on offense. The Raiders are more efficient and explosive than last year when they averaged 19.5 points a game. They are currently averaging 28.6 points a game. Of course, the Raiders’ defense is still lacking, but with this offense, the Raiders feel like they can avoid a big losing streak.