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Silver Minings: Is Derek Carr earning another contract extension?

He is in the middle of a $125 million deal

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Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
Derek Carr
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is playing as well as he ever has in his career.

After his last great NFL season in 2016, the Raiders awarded Carr with a new contract extension: a five-year deal worth $125 million.

Is he playing himself into another mega deal? Charles McDonald of the New York Daily News thinks so.

It’s an interesting thought. Carr has said he doesn’t want to play for another team, and he loves Las Vegas. So surely he’d probably be down with an extension.

For the team, having a high-level quarterback is the No. 1 priority, so the Raiders would surely consider it. But with Carr, who turns 30 in the offseason and still has two more years on his deal, there is no rush.

I could see the Raiders wanting to address this situation in a year or so, but the way Carr is playing, a new deal is worth talking about.

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