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Watch the Raiders win on a walk-off booth review

It doesn’t get much more dramatic than that.

For a few minutes it looked like the Las Vegas Raiders had lost in the most deflating manner imaginable: on a walk-off touchdown as time expired.

And then, after the Los Angeles Chargers had finished celebrating, things promptly went the other way, and the Raiders won the game on a walk-off booth review.

The Chargers, trailing 31-25, had second and goal from the Raiders four-yard line with five seconds left when quarterback Justin Herbert lobbed a fade to the back right corner of the end zone for Mike Williams. Williams got both hands on the ball, but the smothering defense of Isaiah Johnson resulted in an incompletion that left one second on the clock.

The Chargers tried the same play as the clock expired, but this time to Donald Parham Jr., who was also defended by Johnson (Williams was injured on the previous play). Parham appeared to come down with the ball, the officials signaled for a touchdown, and the celebration began.

And then came the booth review, and it became clear that Parham didn’t hold onto the football as he hit the ground.

Getting to win at the buzzer after your opponent already celebrated their win? Ruthless. And perfect.