Mark Davis call to Raideroldtimer

Hello Mr. Oldtimer, this is Mark Davis returning your call.

Thank you Mr. Davis, I was very curious as why you would commit to a 10 year deal with Coach Gruden

Well Mr. Oldtimer I always liked Chucky even when he and my dad disagreed. I thought 10 years would give this team a sense of direction and stability.

Mr. Davis if Chucky would of been on a 3 year plan I believe he would have pulled the plug on Gunther last year. I also believe if he doesn't turn this around next year you will need to grow a pair and cut the cord.

Look Oldtimer I know you and many Raider fans are disappointed but you need to realize building a team takes a few years and Mr. Gruden has several more years to do this. Were stuck with him and thats a fact.

He also promised me a Super Bowl if I would shave my head and buy a new car and I almost did it but realized how funny I would look when they took pictures of us celebrating.

Let me close by saying patience to our fans, we have a new stadium and a head coach that looks like the killer Chucky puppet when he snarls. Our day is coming, not sure if you'll be around to see it. lol

Thank you for your call