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Silver Minings: Derek Carr wants to make playoffs for fans

Las Vegas’ postseason hopes are not dashed ... yet

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Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders
Derek Carr, Jon Gruden
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders’ playoff chances are not dead quite yet.

Here’s the easiest way they can get into the postseason: Win their final three games, the Baltimore Ravens lose one of their final three games, or the Cleveland Browns lose two of their final three games.

Of course. it all starts with the Raiders winning beginning Thursday night at home against the Los Angeles Chargers.

The Raiders are 7-6 after losing three of their last four games. Las Vegas quarterback Derek Carr said a big part of his motivation to make the playoffs to do it for the fan base. He admitted he is getting cranky at times as he tries to reach that goal. The only time in Carr’s seven-season career that the Raiders made the playoffs was in 2016, but Carr missed that postseason loss to the Houston Texans with a broken leg.

“I think the main thing is the sense of urgency that our team has right now. We understand that we could have made it easier on ourselves in the last couple weeks going on this stretch run and the fact is that we still have a chance. If that doesn’t get you excited, if that doesn’t get you going then I don’t know what will,” Carr said.

“As I’m getting older, as I’m in my seventh year, the patience I have, I guess I have a short fuse for certain things ... I just want more than anything for our fans to see us in the playoffs. “I want them to be able to enjoy that and to be able to win some games and do things.”

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