Raiders find another way to lose - Red zone play calling.

Raider fans know,

Our defense is our main problem. No player should feel safe. No pass rush all year that would cause the quarterback to make mistakes. Our corners and safety are just plain horrible and couldn't cover any one. I mean all of them. Tackling sucks and no real leader that can fire up his team mates. Create competition thru draft and free agentsand play the best players period.

Our offense is above average and looks like it could be even better with Marcus Mariota. I'm happy with both quarterbacks. We have a good running game and excellent receivers. Once we draft some depth at key positions were good to go. Our young players should improve over time.

Coaching is a real serious problem. We need to hire a proven defensive coach and allow him to pick all his other coach's I would be happy with Wade Phillips or a coach whose record speaks for its self. Now here comes the difficult part, Gruden needs to hire a proven play calling offensive coach. One with a little imagination and able to call all his plays. I'm not sure Grudens ego would allow that. Gruden is much to conservative to be calling plays and this last Charger game proves this.

I don't know about you but I'm tired of seeing the same sorry ass play week after week and next year must be a winning season and a play off spot. Any thing less and Gruden must go...