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Silver Minings: Ravens, Dolphins and Colts help destroy Raiders’ playoff hopes

They’re not technically eliminated. But they’re pretty much eliminated.

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Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Las Vegas Raiders had a really, really bad Thursday. And then they topped it off by having a pretty bad Sunday as well, without even playing.

Las Vegas lost a heartbreaking overtime game to the Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday, 30-27. That left their playoff dreams on a lifeline.

And then they were stomped out. Mostly.

As Blake laid out yesterday, here’s what the Raiders wanted to happen on Sunday:

Yeah, uhh ... that really did not go according to plan.

The Raiders aren’t officially dead. Prior to the Sunday Night Football game, Steve Kornacki on the NBC broadcast put their playoff odds at 2%. FiveThirtyEight was a little less optimistic, giving them a <1% chance.

Still ... both of those are chances.

The Raiders dreams for the postseason aren’t dead. But if we’re being realistic ... yeah, they’re dead.

In other Raiders’ news: