Gruden reaction after looking in the mirror

Gruden may want to look in the mirror and do a whole lot of reflecting on how this season’s played out. The Raiders could benefit from it.

Sometimes the truth is awful, and sometimes it hurts. We will never be a contending ball club with Gruden at the helm. If Gruden were a real man, he’d apologize to the fans for being a failure and resign today.

2-26 down the stretch! A few highlights (or lowlights):

1-5 to close out the season last year.

1-5 to close out his rookie year as head coach with the Raiders after a 7-3 start

0-4 to end his reign as buccaneers coach after a 9-3 start

1-6 (or 2-5 at best) to finish this season, when we controlled our own destiny after a 6-3 start.