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Super Bowl LIV open game thread

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NFL: Super Bowl LIV-NFC Champions-Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I really don’t like today. I don’t like either of these teams. The division rivalry is self-explanatory, but I live in the Bay Area and I’m sick and tired of hearing “bang bang Niner gang” from people who couldn’t name a player outside of Jimmy Garoppolo. So, to show my unhappiness, here’s two articles that don’t paint either team in a positive light.

Vox: The Kansas City Chiefs’ racist “Arrowhead Chop” has flown under the radar. Not anymore.

So many of the images used in the Kansas City games — the arrowhead, which is specifically Native American; the horse called “War Paint” they prance around the field before the game; the beating drums; and that tomahawk chop — are used in disrespectful and often bastardized contexts. For example, Native people respect the drum, and that drum is never used in the presence of alcohol. War Paint is used to mark our horses and warriors to protect them. Using our cultural ways to “pump up” your team is disrespectful and racist.

The Bold Italic: Breaking Down the Legacy of SF’s Public Works Director, Who Was Arrested by the FBI for Corruption

Even though the 49ers play in Santa Clara, which is 40 plus miles from San Francisco, the image of San Francisco is the dirty streets found in the Tenderloin district. As you can read here, the New York Times published a less than flattering view of the neighborhood. The man in charge of making sure the streets were clean was arrested for corruption last week.

Everyone keeps asking who I’d like to see win. I’ve been rooting for good commercials. Still, I’ll take a 49ers win if I’m pressed for an answer.